Wright wr800 vs Blue snowball – Which is the best?


Wright wr800 vs blue snowball ice – Which is the best?, Recording Test. Wright Wr800 With phantom power supply. Indian Microphone Amazon and flipkart.

I know that “We can’t compare Blue Snowball with Wright Wr800”, cuz the cost of both products was different.

But I have purchased both the mic, so here is an audio quality of both the mic.

Wright wr800

This is the best budget microphone available in India, which costs around 3000 INR.

If you want good quality you need to spend more money, but this mic cost around 3000 INR, Which was not cheap when compared with other Indian brands.

Amazon India Link – Microphone with Phantom Power Supply.

You can get the same product without Phantom Power Supply for just 1300 INR.

Amazon India Link – Without Phantom Power Supply

Indian Microphone Amazon and flipkart

What is this Phantom Power Supply?

This will boost our microphones audio capturing capacity, which results in getting louder audio.

We will also get audio card for this product.

Blue Snowball ICE

Amazon India Link

Blue is a Microphone giant, they make microphones for everything, they are one of the best brands in the world.

This blue snowball ICE is a Mono Microphone and the quality of this microphone is way better than any other brand.

When the quality increased, Price also increases. That’s why it cost around 7500 INR.

Indian Microphone Amazon and flipkart
Indian Microphone Amazon and flipkart

So whats the Different?

You can clearly see the difference here, in this video…

This was recorded on both the mic’s side by side, without any noice reduction or amplification, you can clearly see the difference.


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