Wacom One 6 x 3.5In Tablet Review


Wacom One by CTL-472/K0-CX Small 6-inch x 3.5-inch Graphic Tablet (Red/Black)

This was my first Graphic tablet, so its Special to me.

I’ve learned 3d Modelling and 2D concept arts, Illustrations using this Wacom Bamboo Tablet. You can buy the cheapest version of this model, Which was around 65$ in India. Size of this tablet is 8inx6in, you may think that “what, its little bit larger than my smartphone.i need bigger tab dude”. But the Real reason why you need to buy a small Wacom tab is that “If you are a beginner, its best choice”.

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Size Matters?

If ur using a 15inch desktop, you can go for 8×6 on a tablet. If you are using a big screen like more than 25 or 32 inches you need to go for a bigger tablet. ok so, this is really important u can’t control your big screen with a small tab.


Pen, is that really smooth?

yah, OMG it is really smooth for the first time. Just kidding Every new product need some practice to get comfortable with, so u need to use it every day so it will eventually become smooth, really the tip of the pen will be smooth as butter when you used to it.

2D and 3D

Ok, so I am both work in 2d and 3d projects so, I found this tab is quite useful in 3D works. It’s not suitable for 2d works cuz every artist need to see what they draw, If you are a concept artist it is helpful, but when you are a comics artist “who need to do a high detailed coloring and sharp image quality” This is not a suitable tab for you. but a real touchscreen tab.

For 3d works, this is a life savior, you cant sculpt in ZBrush using a mouse “That sucks”.

Replacement For Mouse?

yeah, you can replace your mouse with this tab, cuz while browsing and reading an article or comics you need a tab like this. Its working is slightly different from a mouse, but it can do what a normal mouse can.
Reading comics and books

“OMG this feels like your turning those pages “

you have 2 buttons on Pen so you can assign whatever function to those keys. I’ve always use Zoom in and Zoom out so I can zoom and move my Book, Comic where I need to.


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