How To Pin Multiple Images On Pinterest At The Same Time? Bulk Pinner.


One of the complicated task for all Pinterest users is to pin multiple images at the same time, So this is the Post about How To Pin Multiple Images On Pinterest At The Same Time? What is Bulk Pinner?

Pinterest is a great source for getting decent and genuine traffic for your website, But having a single image to get traffic for a long post is like “searching needle in a haystack”.

People used to pin all the images on the post to make their website/pins more visible for users to get attention.


When you try to create a pin, you can only upload single image for a pin. You need to make a Good title and a pretty decent Description and a Link for your website.

Each time when you create a new pin, you need to do this same process for all the pins.

Which was really a hard task and pretty boring copy and paste work for all.

Solution – Bulk Pinner

Here comes the great web-based app for this problem, using this Bulk Pinner we can pin multiple images at the same time.


At the same time, we can give the same Title, Description, and Link for all the images we are going to pin.

How to use? With the same Title, Description, and link.

When you first visiting this website, you need to authorize your pinterest account with this app.

Dont panic, this process is completely safe and your account wont get any problem by doing this.

After you have completed this step, small window will popup and ask for the Authentication.

same title description and link

Then click Choose images and add all the images you need to add.

With the same Title, Description, and link.

This is how it looks when you have uploaded all your images, you can give the same title, Description and link for all the images and pin it to your custom board.

Important Note : You cant create a new board using BulkPinner, you need to create a new Board in Pinterest website and after that you need to pin images to that board using BulkPinner.



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