How To Download TikTok In India – TikTok has been removed from Play Store but you can still Download


How To Download TikTok India – TikTok has been removed from Play Store in India – TikTok Ban – but you can still download it from some sites – tiktok india tiktok ban…

You can see that Indian version of playstore officially removed TikTok.

The Indian government had asked Apple and Google to withdraw TikTok from their respective app stores.

the service is still operating and you can still download the app from third-party app stores.

If you want to download the TikTok app, you simply search “TikTok apk” on Google and you will get numerous websites holding the APK file. – Download TikTok India

In order to download the file, you will have to follow the websites’ instructions and download the file to your phone.

Once downloaded, tap on the APK file to install the app and login with your TikTok account to start using it.

TikTok India – TikTok Ban
TikTok India – TikTok Ban

There are lots and lots of ways to download TikTok, Indian Government cant even completely remove Porn sites,

it’s really impossible to remove an app from the internet. – Download TikTok India

TikTok owner Bytedance has to appear for another court hearing on April 24 and the company’s spokesperson has said that the ban is temporary.

The Kerala court implemented a ban earlier on account of finding TikTok to host child pornographic content on the platform, which was also banned last year.

tiktok india tiktok ban


TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is an iOS and Android media app for creating and sharing short videos.

The application allows users to create short music videos of 3–15 seconds and short looping videos of 3–60 seconds.

It is a leading short video platform in Asia, United States, and other parts of the world.

In 2018, the application gained popularity and became the most downloaded app in the U.S. in October 2018.

As of 2018, it is available in over 150 markets, and in 75 languages. In July 2018, the app had more than 500 million users globally. – tiktok india tiktok ban

Legal issues

Indonesian block

Indonesia temporarily blocked the TikTok app on 3 July 2018 amid public concern about illegal contents such as pornography and blasphemy.

The app was unblocked one week later after making various changes, including removing negative content.

opening a government liaison office, and implementing age restrictions and security mechanisms.[75]

Tencent lawsuits

Tencent’s WeChat platform has been accused of blocking Douyin’s videos.[76][77] In April 2018, Douyin sued Tencent and accused it of spreading false and damaging information on its WeChat platform.

demanding RMB 1 million in compensation and an apology.

In June 2018, Tencent filed a lawsuit against Toutiao and Douyin in a Beijing court, alleging they had repeatedly defamed Tencent with negative news and damaged its reputation.

Seeking a nominal sum of RMB 1 in compensation and a public apology.

In response, Toutiao filed a complaint the following day against Tencent for allegedly unfair competition and asking for RMB 90 million in economic losses.[79]

US COPPA fines

On February 27, 2019, the FTC fined ByteDance US$5.7 million for collecting information from minors under the age of 13 in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act in the United States.

 ByteDance responded by adding a kids-only mode to TikTok which blocks the upload of videos.

The building of user profiles, direct messaging, and commenting on other’s videos, while still allowing the viewing and recording of content.[81]

Ban in India – Download TikTok India

On 3 April 2019, the Madras High Court while hearing a PIL had asked the Government of India to ban the app, citing that it “encourages pornography”.

The court also noted that children using the app were at risk of being targeted by sexual predators. The court further asked broadcast media not to telecast any of those videos from the app.

The spokesperson for TikTok stated that they were abiding by local laws and were awaiting the copy of the court order before they take action.[ 

On 17 April, both Google and Apple removed TikTok from Google Play and the App Store[.

As the court refused to reconsider the ban

They also claimed that they had removed over 6 million videos that violated their content policy and guidelines[84].

The matter is scheduled for hearning on 22 April.[85][86]tiktok india tiktok ban


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