Why Introvert’s Don’t Like To Talk?


Why Introvert’s Don’t Like To Talk? This is the greatest question asked by every extrovert, OMG I can explain why we don’t talk that much.

There are several reasons.

  • We feel Exhausted
  • don’t like to share Rumors
  • don’t like Small Talk
  • Uninterested Topics
  • We can’t understand Human Emotion

Feel Exhausted

Introverts dont talk
Introverts dont talk

Most introverts Feel exhausted after some time, that’s true… My breaking point is maximum 1 hour.

After 1 hour I feel completely exhausted so, I will try to find a way to stop that conversation. My basic excuse is “I need to take a leak, wait a minute”…After my 15 minutes of recharge, I will be back to my friend…Again my Extroverted Friend Starts the same topic, I am like “how the hell he remember this topic after 15 minutes of break”, Basically most people start a new conversation.

but, when it comes to High-Level extroverts they are like Automatic Conversation Machine Program…when he starts to talk the same topic I feel completely dead inside….so, I will always avoid Conversation with High-Level Extroverts…


Introverts dont talk
Introverts dont talk

Rumors are one of the worst enemies for introverts. We don’t like them Cuz its waste of time……

And another important reason is “We don’t know any rumors”, We don’t like it so we don’t collect any rumors or even we don’t like to read “rumor article or watch Rumor videos”.

Basically, we don’t spend time noticing other people’s Activity, We care about ourself That’s it.

Small Talk

Introvert help
Introvert help

Small talk, ok it’s our Nightmare…When a small talk ends Everyone asks “What about you?”

Do you need to know one thing Extroverts “Don’t ask what about you? Question to any introvert, Unless you are interviewing us”.

For every job interview, We programmed our brain for “what about you?” question. We need to be prepared to answer this question….cuz we are not like Extroverts “Making a story from nothing” We need to do research and take some point, So don’t ask that plz.

Uninterested Topics

Introvert help
Introvert help

No one likes to talk about their uninterested Topics, That’s true…

But introverts won’t leave you Alone in this topic, We will hear whatever you say about our Uninterested Topics. We will tolerate That “We r doing this for u”.

But when you ask “What do you think about this Topic?”, That’s it “Its over”

We can’t understand Human Emotion

Talking with introvert
Talking with introvert

Yeah, this one is true “Not every introvert are Emotionally supportive”..Some of us don’t know what to do When You say says Sad story or a depressing story..

We don’t know how to react and what to do next “There will be 2 minutes of silent”, wait, We are processing, after 2 minutes we come up with a word “Sorry”.

This Happened lots of time to me…

Thank you for reading my post (Not every introvert are the same)…Peace…..



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