Introverts Struggle In INDIA.


What kind of Article is this? why do I need to know about Introverts in India? Introverts Struggle? by a Indian Introvert.

Everyone needs to know about Indian Introvert, cuz 75% of Indians don’t know what is mean by Introvert or Extrovert. (That’s true, Indians are quite weak at Psychology)

Don’t Indians like Introverts?

The answer to this question is really funny, Every Indian want to be an Extrovert. (That’s why Indian people don’t want to be an Indian Introvert)


There are lots and lots of reason for this, I am explaining a few of those.

  • Media
  • Religion
  • Parenting
  • Population
  • Friends / Relatives
  • Bullying

These are the reasons.


Whats wrong with media?

Every media in India Promoting a Person to be an Extrovert. Not only Television Media, Youtube also, most of the Youtubers making videos about Depression, Anxiety, and OCD. But, they are not saying that ‘Being an introvert is not a problem’ (I am saying about most of the Youtubers, not all Youtubers).

When it comes to Television Media, its a Nightmare for Introverts. Do you know, movies and series in India always have an Extroverted Male or female character as a Protagonist. (Now most of the movies are doing a good job by, explaining psychology to Indian people )

This makes Indians believe that “you will be successful in life if you are an Extrovert”, So every introvert trying to become Extroverts (It’s not like religion, you cant change).


introverts in india
introverts in india

Whats religion doing in a Psychological article?

I have been thinking about this lots and lots of time, how religion shaped Indians mind.

The answer for this is “Mythology stories that we teach to our kids”, Everyone Knows about Pandava’s in Mahabharata, Do anyone knows that, Sahadeva The fifth and the youngest brother of the Pandavas is an Introvert?

We don’t teach about Sahadeva, We Teach them about Bhima and Arjuna, Those 2 guys are Extrovert. We told our kids, be Strong as Bhima and Active as Arjuna. (WTF, Our parents completely ignore an Introverted character and only said a story about Extroverts).

This is what I am trying to say, Parenting is also a great reason for this.


introverts in india
Introverts Struggle

Every parent wants their kids to be Always No 1(This is India).

Indian parents want to Feel proud when they talk about their kids in front of relatives and neighbors, so they push their kids to be like

“talk with everyone, you can do everything(Fish cant fly)”.

If our parents had an knowledge in psychology, it would be helped us a lot…


know about introverts in india
Introverts Struggle

We are NO:2 at overall worlds Population, OMG we are going to overtake China…

1 China 1,409,517,397
2 India 1,339,180,127

What if, everyone in India wants to be an Extrovert? Indian Introvert

That Sucks, OK so there is no problem, revealing your Introvert Self. Don’t Try to Act like Extrovert, so you can get Attention and make your Parents, Relatives, and Friends Proud…

Friends / Relatives

Introverts Struggle
Introverts Struggle

What did our friends/Relatives do to our character? – know about introverts in india.

It’s really simple, Have you told your Friends That you are an Introvert?

Absolutely NO, Because all of your friends are Extrovert, Maybe there must be some Introvert also (now they are acting as Extroverts.)…So you could Either lose them or some distance must happen between you and your friends.

Friends used to spend time with you (I can’t do that, I can spend time as long as you can). So if u revealed your true self you can either lose them are getting a special Attention (Like sympathy). We don’t like both so we keep quiet.

Relatives, OMG…Indians are Social Animals, Relatives are the best example of this.

When you are at your relative’s Function, Everyone expects you to be  Socially Active and Talkative Guy With your Relatives. (But we are Introvert We don’t Hang out Long Time) So we just pretend to be Extrovert……


know about introverts in india
Introverts Struggle

Bullying Is a perfect Reason why Introverts Wants to be an extrovert…

Because we don’t want to be bullied by People, So we start to Bully Others to prove our power to People. So this is the point where Introverts want to hide and Act as someone else……

Anyway, guys, Don’t try to be Extroverts. Its Really hard and Sucks, There is no problem  Being an introvert.Indian Introvert.



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