10 Best Public Speaking Tips


Public speaking is not a new trend. It has been in practice since humans developed the ability to speak. Here are the 10 Best Public Speaking Tips.

1. Be familiar with your topic

First of all, choose a topic that you are familiar with. Know more about the topic than just what you are going to speak. Use of humor, personal stories, and simple language will help you remember the topic well.

2. Rehearse

Rehearse out loud the topic you are going to present. Revise if necessary. If possible practice with a timer.

3. Be aware of your audience

Reach the spot in advance and talk to the audience to establish rapport with them.

4. Get familiar with the room/hall

Arrive at the spot early and walk around the room/hall. Ensure the arrangements are suitable both for the audience and you.

5. Learn to relax

Relaxing helps you to calm your nerves. Stand erect, pause and smile before saying anything. Ensure that you become enthusiastic before you begin and get rid of being nervous.

6. Your appearance

Wear something looks good for you. Proper dressing boosts your confidence.

7. Practice good manners

10 Best Public Speaking Tips

Never go beyond your allotted time. Avoid repeating words and bad mannerism like sitting on the table, digging the nose, scratching the hair, adjusting the glass or dress and so on.

8. Speaking

10 Best Public Speaking Tips

Begin with a quote, anecdote or a joke to attract the attention of the audience, Avoid using words that you find difficult to pronounce. Never read from the text you have unless and otherwise, it is a quote.

9. Handouts

10 Best Public Speaking Tips

Do not distribute materials before or during your talk. It is advisable to distribute them at the end.

10. Question hour

Repeat the questions asked to the whole audience so that all will appreciate your answer. Stay positive and have an open mind to accept the viewpoint of the audience.


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