Unity 3D Cinemachine Tutorial


Cinemachine is one of the best tool in Unity3D for a camera movement.

Using the normal unity camera for Cinematic movements is not a good idea.

with help of this Cinemachine, you can create a God of War and Last of us kind of camera movements.

You can create an Intractable and non-interactable Cameras For Directing a Timeline Series or Making a cutscene in Unity.

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Cinemachines is not Included with Unity, You need to download Cine-machine as a Plugin (Don’t worry its free).

Open  package manager

Go to all packages, choose Cinemachine and Install.

After installation, there will be a tab called Cinemachine Available at the top of Unity.


We need to create a new Timeline for Cine-machine to work.

Open your Timeline tab and Rightclick.

Create a new Track and add a new Cinemachine Shot.

Drag your main camera into Cine-machine Timeline

When you drop your camera, you will be asked to create a new brain camera.

If you have done this correctly, your main camera will have a Cine-machine Brain Script at its Inspector View.

Now, when you select your Cine-machine camera timeline in Unity3D, You can see there is a Virtual camera option available on its attribute.

So, now we need to create a Virtual camera for our Cine-machine timeline(This Virtual camera is going to work as our main camera)

After you created a new Vcamera, In your Hierarchy you can see (CM Vcam1)

Thas it, you can use CM Vcam1 as the main camera for your Unity3D timeline.

This is how you need to install Cine-machine and Configure your First Camera Unity3D…..


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