GANDCRAB V5.0.3 New Updated Ransomware Spreading Through Internet


Finally everyone is affected by this new updated Ransomware Throughout The Internet

How to Decrypt this Ransomware?

This is the new version of Grandcrab Ransomware, It is version 5.0.3. This Ransomware use new method of encryption, still people are spending their time to Decrypt this Ransomware, Past Grandcrab version are Decrypted and its the new version of Encryption.

How to remove this Ransomware

Stop downloading Torrents, not every torrents are safe. Some of the torrents are really made by the Attackers, so they can capture your computer and blackmail you.

Use a good Antivirus, i will prefer Bitdefender. Which is one of the best antivirus now on the market which works well against Ransomware.

Scan your compute and remove that script, Ransomware use a Script file on windows to Encrypt all the files on your PC.

you can use this method to remove that Script (Virus file)

This method wont Decrypt your files.

Or use these methods

GrandCrab v5.0.3 Ransomware and Decrpytor Method

Decrypting and Encrypted files are really tough when you dont know the key.

Crackers all over the world Decrypted the past Ransomware Encrypt method and now its a new encryption.

Cracker need some time to Decrypt this key.

How To Decrypt My Encrypted Files

Decrypting files really take lots and lots of time(if you dont know the key). We are facing the same issue here, We dont know the key for Decryption.

Brute Force Decryption take some time (approx 2 days to Decrypt).

GandCrab Ransomware decryption tool

Bitdefender has provided a decryption tool, but probability of decrypting this is 50/50 percent.

This is the only method available now, This bitdefender decrypter was works perfectly with the old version of ransomware.


By reading those methods, your decryption sucess rate is though 50/50. Its not 100% sure that you can decrypt your files.

All the best, i will update if any 100% working decryption method is available. Comment if you need any help.

How this works

here are some pic of the ransomware.

This is how your encrypted files look like. They come with some unknown extensions mine is like .dupjrm 

Every folder in you pc will have this txt file. Which will tell you to go to the given Darknet website.

In that website you need to upload your text file and they will say the amount you need to pay.

If you pay the amount they will decrypt your files.

This is how ransomware works

They asked me about 500$ plus 10% charge. (WTF is that charge)

Asking 500$ from me, cmon hackers even my pc is not worth 500USD. And those files on my pc are not worthy for 500 USD. All of the files are Torrent files, they found all over the torrent website. Well Played Hackers.

I just like the way they updated from the past attacks, they have a chat suport hurray…..

But the serious issue here is, some people dont have a copy of their important file on the GDrive or One drive or any other cloud drive service, for them its a serious problem.

Their personal videos, photos are encrypted an completely unusable now, Dont Delete those Encrypted Files.

Crackers all around the world trying to help us. Within some days they will found a method to decrypt this.

untill then Dont download files from Torrent, Cracked Software…………..



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