14 Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts


14 Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

14 keyboard shortcuts that will massively improve your speed and eiciency while working in Photoshop

ALT+[SCROLL WHEEL] Zoom in or out of the image

D Reset the foreground and background colors to black and white

X Switch the foreground and background color swatches

[ OR ] Resize the brush tip

CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E Create a merged copy of all the layers in the layer stack

SHIFT+[ OR ] Cycle backwards or forwards through the layer blend modes

SPACE BAR Temporarily switch the current tool to the Hand tool, for moving around the image while zoomed in

CMD/CTRL+[LAYER MASK] Load the currently active layer mask as a new selection

ALT+[EYE ICON] Switch of the visibility of all other layers in the layer stack, for before-and-after comparisons

CMD/CTRL+I Invert the color of a layer mask to black

CMD/CTRL+T Activate the Free Transform tool

SHIFT+[LAYER MASK] Disable the efects of a layer mask

CMD/CTRL+J Duplicate the current layer




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