How To Find Your Stolen Online Content ?


This is another important issue faced by every Content Creators, (websites to find your content, copy your content, find your content ). How To Find Your Stolen Online Content? You create a new post after a lot of Research and by Your own thoughts.

After some days when you search your content online, You are surprised ” your content is everywhere, throughout the Internet”.

Why is this happening?

Everyone needs Content, but most of them cant create it. What they will do is “copy your content”, it is really simple Just Copy and Pastes, Just like that.

Congrats your content is stolen, you may think “What could go wrong with Stealing My Content?”

What Happen If your Content Is Stolen?

There are lots of things happen When your content is Stolen, Your sites Ranking may be reduced, Traffic is going to Reduced, and content is getting Modified every time when they steal, and contents Meaning may be changed or unreadable.

Types Of Stolen Contents

  • Scrappers Site
  • Plagiarizes Site

These are the Common types, what these sites will do?

Scrappers Site

These people are Like

“hey dude, I just copied your content. But, I have clearly described your website’s link in my post, so my viewers do know who created this Content”.

They have a proper description of your website and your Orginal content, so Don’t worry about this sites, they are not too bad “they are also a source of your traffic”.

Plagiarizes Site

These are bad guys, these guys just copy your content and they don’t mention you or your website in any of their Stolen content. They got all the traffic and won’t mention your name for credit.

Content Is Stolen?

You need to Find who stole my Content. For that, you need some help. (you can do it by yourself)

Google Alerts 

you can use Google’s help for this, but google won’t sue them for stealing? You need to do it Yourself.


In this page, you can search “how many people have stolen your content”. In that Search box type, you Articles First paragraph and Serch.

You will be surprised, This is the internet.


This is one of the best websites to find your content, just enter your Websites URL and Wait for sometime.

This is not a Free Service, but they are Offering you more services.

What to Do If I found my content in other Website?

Just mail them, yeah its one of the best way to inform them. If they really care about your content and your creativity, they just add your websites URL or Remove that Post.

Another Way is to use Copyscape’s Premium options, They can search automatically thought all websites to find your content and Remove them.

These are the things you can do if your Content is Stolen.



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