How To Enable Acceleration (Vtx/AMD v) Tab in Virtualbox on Windows 10


After a long time about thinking solution for this problem, Trying out things such as Chipset Update and Enabling virtualization on Bios. Still, acceleration options are grayed out in Virtualbox. VTx is Disabled.

But I’ve found a Solution for this problem, I’ve tried all the solutions on the internet, but on this new windows 10 Update there is one more step we need to do, so virtualization will be Start to work on VirtualBox.

Here is the Problem

acceleration options are grayed out
acceleration options are grayed out

While the acceleration tab is disabled, we can’t able to find that VTx is enabled on not, so we while we try to run our Virtual Machine we will get an error like this.

VTx is Disabled

What’s the Solution

Here is one of the Best and straightway to solve this problem, Enabling Vtx on Bios.

You need to Go to your “BIOS” settings and enable Virtualization Technology.

Check Weather your Intel R Virtualization Option is Disabled, Choose Enable and Reboot.

Intel R Virtualization

For entering BIOS you need to press function keys like f5, f6, f10, Esc, del when you see a blank screen while booting up of your computer. After Entering BIOS, you need to Enable Virtualization Technology and you will solve this problem easily.

After you do this, To know that your Vtx is enabled or not Open your Taskmanager and go to the performance tab and check that virtualization is Enabled.

I know This will Enable virtualization on Windows 10, but still, Virtual box’s Advanced tab is Locked.

Final Step

Disable ‘Hyper-v’ in Windows features.

Step 1: Go to the control panel.

Step 2: Click on ‘Uninstall a program.

Step 3: Click on ‘Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Step 4: Find ‘Hyper-v’ Disable it, if it is turned on by unchecking it.

Disabling Hyper v on Windows 10

If you see a black check mark near Hyper V, Just Click to disable that. Disabled Hyper V will Look like I’ve shown in that Image. it wants to be Deselected so this will make other programs to use virtualization Tech rather than Windows own virtualization Program.

And you need To Disable another Feature, Its called Windows Hypervisor Platform. Disable that so Virtualbox works without any problem.

After you done these steps, restart your pc and see the magic.

Finally, Vtx is enabled on Virtualbox………..

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