YouTube Mental Health Channels & Drama


This is a kind of topic I’ve been looking for a while, and finally Dr Todd Grande made a video about this topic. Debunk with liza Koshy’s video.

Youtubers are really making fake videos about their mental health?

Most of the youtube was talking about Mental Illness like Depression, Anxiety, OCD. But, do they really have one, are they are faking it?

Here is an example

This is a video about Lisa Koshy, Everyone knows who she is. A famous Introverted Youtube Celeb with all the characters of extroverts and having some Anxiety issue…

I don’t hate her, her videos were kind of funny but making videos about mental illness just for clicks and subs…

Today we talk about the problems with Liza Koshy essentially a Liza Koshy rant. Using her videos ‘FACING MY ANXIETY.’ and ‘BEING AN INTROVERT. HOW TO START A CONVERSATION!’, I explain why I hate some of the things she has been doing recently. If you’re a part of the Liza Koshy fanbase, I’m very sorry x . – James Marriott.

What’s the problem?

This video is a collaboration between Nate Smith, LPC, and Dr. Grande. We discuss several topics in this video including YouTube mental health channels and the role of drama. We review the potential risks and rewards of this intersection.


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