Why Illusion < Truth? - Friedrich Nietzsche


A brief explanation of Nietzsche’s words on Illusion and truth. Why Illusion < Truth? – according to Nietzsche. The illusion has less value than truth and what is conscious thinking?

As Nietzsche wrote “The certain is more worth than the uncertain, that illusion is less valuable than truth”, and he also mentioned that “Conscious thinking must be counted as Instinctive function”.

I’ll explain about this “conscious thinking” first.

What is mean by conscious thinking in philosophy according to Nietzsche?

We all think about ourselves most of the time in our life, people like to think about themselves as a different person, with different lifestyles and what if this happened in my life? what if that happened? and so on…

Even Nietzsche says “if you think about yourself you are Egotist”, but this is a different topic to cover.

When you think about uncertain, that means unimportant things about your life, why we spend this much of thinking on yourself rather than others or something important?

Thinking is an activity, we are spending some amount of energy on thinking, then why we are wasting energy for some unimportant?, to say “your Ego”.

Why Nietzsche says Thinking is an Instinctive function?

Instinct is what we have got by our ancestors, for example, flight or fight instinct.

When someone scares you, we just jump or fight back. This is what we called instinct if you watch dragon ball super, Goku mastered ultra-instinct, his body works on its own, he won’t have to think about what to do next while fighting.

When we assume thinking as an instinct, we think when we don’t feel safe. If instinct is hereditary, why don’t we say Conscious thinking is also heredity. Then why we need to learn conscious thinking, while it’s our heredity?.

Why Nietzsche states that “Truth > Illusion” (illusion have less value than truth), every philosopher thinks about “Universal Truth”. According to Nietzsche “Illusion is also a form of Truth” but it has less value when compared to “Real Truth”.

Why Illusion is also a form of truth?

  • According to him, the illusion is a mobile army of metaphor and metonyms.
  • The illusion that have been forgotten as an illusion, we tend to believe it’s true.
  • Sometimes society imposes as an obligation.
  • Something we desire and value, unconsciously.


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