What If DC and Marvel Actors Swap Their Characters?


Here is an interesting Concept art, What If DC and Marvel Actors Swap Their Characters?  which was done by someone (I don’t know who did this), I will update his name ASAP. What if Tom Hiddleston as the joker?

This concept comes up with a great result, what if our fav Actors Swap their Superhero Characters?

Start this Swap with Superman and Captain America, Both are really important and Handsome Heroes on Marvel and Dc Universe.

Henry Cavill as Captain America

I am a big Henry Cavill fan, He is really looking great at this picture. Captain America characters suit great for Henry.

Captain America











Chris Evans as Superman

I really like this idea of swapping characters, this could be the best role for Chris Evans, If (we don’t need Superman to be replaced, but if …)Henry Quits DC plz make Chris Evans as Supes.


Robert Downey Jr as Batman

Nothing to say about this pic, It is really cool, but the one and only problem here is that RDJ is not having that much muscle when compared to Ben Affleck.


Ben Affleck as Ironman

Ben Affleck’s Rude face fits perfect for Ironman, we want Ironman to behave like Batman and Batman to make jokes like Ironman. That’s all that we need, I got bored of that serious looking Batman.


Gal Gadot as Black Widow & Scarlett Johansson as Wonder Woman

Honestly, I don’t like this swap. I don’t want Blackwidow or Wonderwoman to be replaced by any other Female Celeb.


Jason Momoa as Thor 

It’s really hard to Differentiate between Jason and Chris Hemsworth when it compared to a manly superhero with that attractive manliness and the way they show how powerful they are.

I think Jason can Miljnor hammer


Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman

Nothing to say about this pic, it’s really awesome…


Ezra Miller as Spiderman & Tom Holland asThe Flash 

We don’t want our spidey to be replaced, and The Flash too. They both are really funny and active characters for both Marvel and Dc. After we lose Spidey on Infinity War(I don’t wanna talk about that).

Chadwick Boseman as Cyborg & Ray Fisher as Black Panther 

I want to say that Ray Fisher fits perfectly for Black Panther, and Chadwick is also good at that Cyborg.

Tom Hiddleston as Joker

And here is our final treat, perfectly done and a well-photoshopped pic of Tom Hiddleston as Joker, everyone needs this to happen. Waiting for the next joker movie.


Thanks for reading this post, i will update the name of Artist as soon as possible.




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