Top 5 Funny / Romantic Thai Movie’s


Here are my top 5 list of Funny/Romantic Thai Movie’s

These are my fav List, So all ratings were given by me……Trust me guys, You are going to love these movies. If u like Romantic Comedy Movies This list is for you…..

Who doesn’t like Thai movies?

Everyone loves Thai drama, I am not saying that Thai are Only making Best Movies, There are some worst Thai movies also available. But, these movies will Take place on your Favorite movie List.

Ok, here we go now.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Why this movie?

Cuz, its different from other movies. Like “Boy chases(stalk) a Girl and love her”.But this movie is different, That’s why this movie is awesome when compared to other movies.

I am not saying This movie has a new unique story Kind of stuff, but when you watch this film you feels like (yeah if this happens in our life, it will be pretty awesome).

Who doesn’t like a movie in which girl fall in love a first sight..give it a try you will be amazed.

Heart Attack

I am not going to lie here, This movie is not for everyone..cuz, this movie is like Dark-Comedy movie…

some people like Dark-comedy and some Don’t. If you like Dark-Comedy Go for this movie, one of the best movie I have ever seen.

Narration in this movie is really awesome, you can easily relate yourself to the most of the scenes in this movie. Romance in this part is like ‘What if (INTJ falls in love with ENFP’).

I Fine…Thank You…love You

This is my fav movie…The story is not that much impressing, but the Comedy scenes and Romance Scenes were really good.

you need to really watch this film at least once in your lifetime, you won’t stop laughing in some scenes.

The main problem in this movie is “most of the  comedy dialogues are made for that language, so Eng sub have some problem explaining that comedy”

Pee Mak

Do you like horror comedy? Then this is the perfect movie for you…

this movie packed with lots of horror and comedy scenes that will make you laugh. Romance in this movie is also good.

Perfect cinematography and every scene were well written and That makes you cry at Climax Scene. (Spoilers)

And Another important Thing is Performance done by the Artist “they are really good, you feel like watching a good movie after this movie”

ATM Er Rak Error

What if an Office Battle Started between a Couples? Watch this movie.

This movie is about Two people, who are trying to solve a problem in their job, But they have a bet like “let’s see who wins this “.

This movie is not only about those 2 ppl, but there are also lots and lots of characters they were well written. And have more Screen time, an important role in the story.

Finally, prepare yourself to laugh…..



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