Thor vs Kratos



Finally, I am going to write an article about Thor vs Kratos, Everyone like these both characters.

When it comes to Greek Mythology we love Kratos (cuz, he is a Badass and now a Badass Father of Loki). When it comes to Norse Mythology or I Like to say as Marvel Universe (cuz everyone knows Thor from Marvel), I like Thor from Marvel.

I am not going to compare as other Websites or Fans do, I am going to do a Simulation based on my Experience “How thor can win” or “how Kratos can win”. Cuz, we know that Thor and Kratos Both are powerful guys.

How Thor can Defeat Kratos?


How can he Defeat Kratos, there is any way or its because he is a God he can do anything.

There are little bit chance “that Thor can defeat Kratos”, I will explain How. Thor’s main ability is Thunder, Most of his attack damage is not Physical they are Magical.

Thor vs Kratos
Thor vs Kratos

Kratos can sustain Magical damage?… The answer to this question is, Yes. Kratos can sustain Thunder damage “Kratos Defeated Zeus“. Think, Thor is as powerful as Zeus?

Zeus can Defeat Thor? yes, he can. Zeus Defeated Titans, more Mythological Creatures and He is the leader of Greek Gods.

Zeus can Defeat Thor, but Kratos Can Defeat Zeus.

Just leave it, Another important thing we need to notice is that “Kratos is not invincible”, But Thor is Kind of Invincible, He has healing ability, which Kratos don’t have.

Thor vs Kratos
Thor vs Kratos

So, if Thor needs to win this fight. He needs to Kill Kratos! That’s the only way. The weapon he needs to kill Kratos is “Odin’s Sword”. Why Odins Sword? cuz Kratos already killed by a sword. So, Thor need to use a sword or Axe and need to Attack Kratos Physically, Thor’s Magical damage won’t have any effect on Kratos.

The probability for this is really Critical, Chances are really less. So, Thor gets a little bit of chance to kill Kratos. We need to remember that “Kratos is good at fighting”.

How Kratos Can Defeat Thor?

Do you need an answer to this Question? Go and play God Of War Game. “That’s the only answer”, If u know about Kratos, you won’t pick a fight with that guy. he is a killing Machine and a Raged Warrior.

nothing to say about Kratos here, he can win thor without any hard fight. Its simple for Kratos, Even Kratos can Defeat Odin “yah, that’s possible”.

can defeat kratos
can defeat kratos
can defeat kratos
can defeat kratos

Kratos wiped out all greek God’s, How many does Odin or Thor have?…..

My thought is “Kratos can Defeat thor with Spartan rage and Blade of Chaos”, Nothing needed to Expect these two. Kratos Fighting skills are really good “He killed Hercules and Poseidon With his physical Strenght”.





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