Next Gen (2018) Movie Review – How I Missed This Wonderfull Movie


Next Gen (2018) Movie Review – How I Missed This Wonderfull Movie?, One of the best Animation Movie Released this year. Yeah, and don’t believe those Online Rating for this movie.

Everyone likes a different kind of movies, I am not saying like “everyone needs to like this Because I like this.”

Why Only At Netflix?

I just love this movie, This movie released on Netflix. So, not everyone in this world will get notified about this Animation Movie, But every Netflix Users would.

There were lots and lots of Big Studio’s Animation movie released this year. so its difficult to find a good animation movie from a Small Animation Studios Like this.

I am dam sure if this movie was Released in Theaters, it would be got more peoples Attention.

What’s the Plot?

Its a story about a Teenager called Mia Su, She was suffering from separation Anxiety and she was a lonely girl and Bullied on School. A parental connection between her mother was completely taken over by those next-gen robots called Q-Bots.

Q-Bot and Justin Pin

Q-Bots are the next-gen robots, every family in Grainland own those Q-bots. It’s like iPhone, Whenever there is an updated Q-bot version is out for sales, People go crazy as we do for iPhone.

Those Qbots were designed by Justin pin and Dr. Tanner Rice. Justin pin is “tech God” For the people, he has a good reputation and Wealthy life due to this Q-Bots.

But, Justin pin is not a good guy, He is trying for World Domination by killing Humans. he designed Next Gen Q-Bots to be a Suicidal Machines, which can be triggered by Justin Pin.

Project 77

Project 77 AKA 7723, this robot was designed by Dr. Tanner to save humanity by destroying Q-bots and Justin pin.

Project 77 – Next Gen

Dr. Tanner keeps project 77 as a secret project, Mia Su accidentally finds project 77 at Q-bots headquarters and call it “stupid robot” and left her backpack at that place.

Project 77 tries to return Mia’s backpack to her. While finding mia Project 77 attracted Security robots attention and being attacked.

Project 77 was damaged by security robots. Due to the damage, project 77 has limited storing capacity in his HDD. so project 77 needs to delete some memory to survive longer.

Mia Su

Project 77 finds out mia and handover her backpack, so Mia asks the help of 77 to revenge against her bullies on school.

Mia su

but Mia and 77 are doing some crazy stuff, they are started to take out the robots in the city just for fun.

This was noticed by media and Media questioned Jason about this. This is the plot, I don’t wanna spoil anything.

What’s the best part?

The best part of this movie is the memory of project 77. which plays a key role in this movie, 77 is trying to delete some memory to survive. Its really become harder and harder after some time, cuz of the importance to the memory.

Every memory was unique, but it’s our wish to keep it or forget it. When you only have important memories, What will you do?

It’s really hard to choose which memory to delete.

Another important thing is, every character in this movie plays an important role, even Mia Su’s dog. Robots in this movie can read dog’s bark (Wait, what). yah they can read the dog’s language.

Action scenes are well animated, Fight between Ares and project 77 were ultimate. It’s more unique, not like a robot fight (you can feel the power of every attack) Audio effect and animation are perfect.

Finally, Emotional scenes. Cmon Animation movies without emotional Climax is hard to find. Every animation movie has some emotional climax or Tragic climax.

This movie has a great climax and pretty impressive climax BGM, you won’t believe me (at climax you will pray for Project 77).

What’s the Worst part?

I don’t like little and simple things in this movie like every Toilet was automated by Robots (what, how we shit while there is a talking robot is watching us?).

Hitech toilet

Spoilers Alert – Death of Dr. Tanner. OMG, why they killed this character, its really annoying and not that much important to kill him. He is really funny and Awesome.

Parenting misguessed –  Whatever tech was introduced, parents give their attention to their child its natural, but in this movie, ppl don’t care about their children (like Mia’s mother).

Thats it, dont miss this movie go and watch is ASAP.



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