New Sonic Movie Trailer Memes


Finally, it happened. They listened to us. Here is the New Sonic Movie Trailer Funny Meme.

Old Sonic Trailer

When the first trailer for Sonic movie was launched, everyone is really excited and just clicked the video. Then we saw how our favorite childhood character is destroyed by bad character design.

I like the trailer, but not the sonic…. What happened to his eyes, nose, and body. in the first trailer sonic looked like a wet cat, not even the wet hedgehog. That design of sonic is terrible..

After I completed the trailer I felt “here goes another worst character design, why they did this”.

They did it for us.

New Sonic Movie

We don’t need a realistic character in a movie, we want our sonic in the movie. CGI can do anything realistic look superhero movie and pokemon movie.

But for sonic, they overcooked it and they tried for the hyperrealistic look for sonic and it is bad.

Finally, people begin to talk about the sonic design, not only me, everyone hates the design. We don’t want realistic sonic, we want our childhood sonic on the big screen.

After lots and lots of memes and website articles, paramount heard it. So they decided to redesign sonic like what people want.

Most of the CGI artists said, “it’s impossible to do a redesign”. But paramount did it, For us. They don’t want to screw up our childhood favorite character, so they did what people want.


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