New Dragon Ball Super Episodes Confirmed 2019 – Official News


Is it Official?

Toei Animations announced a New Dragon ball Super Episodes to be Aired on 2019, Its Official news which was announced by the National Association of the television program.

But still Toei Animations did not Confirmed any official news, this news was announced by NATP, but Toei Animations still maintainings its secret or may be it could be rumor also.

After the great sucess of Dragon Ball Super and the New Broly Movie, Toei Animations want to make more money out of Dragon Ball Franchise.

Whats the Continuity?

We got the pieces of information that, This Arc will continue after Majin Buu’s Arc.So this is happening way back before GT and Super, so its continuity after DBZ series.

If this is true, there is no Super Saiyan God, No Beerus and no Tournament of Power.

So goku is going to try hard with his SSJ3, iam really disapointed with this info cuz this is the same mistake done by the dragon ball series on the GT.

Think how GT Screwed up, they have Kid Goku, who lost all his adults personality and we are watching a new Goku rather than what we know or how we watched Goku.

Whats The Problem?

We are going to get the same issue here, think like this that new Series is not the continuity of the Super arc, what the hell happen to the Goku’s Training and the power he gained through this process.

We are going to look at him as a weak Goku, when we compared DBZ Goku with DBS Goku, this is ridiculous. DBS Goku is way more powerful and we love the personality of Both Gokus.

I dont want to see onother DB screwup, its not like i dont completely like the news about new series. But iam eagerly waiting for the new series, whatever it is iam going to enjoy the new series.


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