Hobbs & Shaw – Weapon X is Finally Here – Trailer Breakdown


Hobbs & Shaw – Weapon X is Finally Here – Trailer Breakdown, New trailer of this movie was released by The Rocks official Youtube channel on Feb 1, 2019. New fast and the furios 2019.

When i got the news about this solo movie, sorry its duo movie, there is Hobbs & Shaw, so its Duo..I thought its going to be some kind of detective movie with lots of action scenes and more story about Hobbs & Shaw.

But its not, what we saw on this trailer is completely different from what i expected, there is a superhuman villain, wait, what?

hobbs shaw

Yes, he made himself into superhuman, dont ask me how? its Science.

There are lots of Tech related stuff happened on previous Fast and the Furious movies, they seem to be ok. But this time its completely different, new villain is a super-villain/mutant.

Who is this Brixton?

In the new trailer, we didn’t get any information about this guy, but they say that he is Ghost, that means he is like an invisible person to the Government.

After he made himself into a super-villain, he has powers like super-human strenght, bulletproof body, durability and he uses guns and flamethrowers to kill people.

guns and flamethrowers

Why he needs guns and Flamethrowers to kill people, when you are a super-villain?. So we clearly can assume that he have some limitations.

guns and flamethrowers

We know that super-humans can survive from fall and they can fly, but our Brixton cant do it, he is a starting phase of this experiment or he could have been on Steroids.(Just kidding).

If he is a real supervillain he can just grab her and jump off from that building, instead he is using rope to get down safe and he is having some sidekicks.

This is the other important problem of this villain, he is not a loner or a single guy, he hired a bunch of badguys to work for him, look at this.

fast and the furious 2019

So we can conform that, he could be rich, so he is like a bad version of Batman/BlackPanther.

What about Hobbs & Shaw?

We are going to have lots of funny moments and action stuffs going on between them, i am not intrested about story. cuz its about Hobbs and Shaw.

hobbs shaw


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