Guardians of the Galaxy 01-2019 – Whats Going On?


Finally, Guardians of the Galaxy 01 2019 was released and its really good to see all of those Characters, and if you want to start these comics you want to read Infinity Wars 01-06. Where is starlord and groot?

if you want to know what happened past read this,

Thanos is Dead, yeah finally Thanos was killed by Gamora, she use power stone to slice Thanos head. This was happened at the first issue of infinity wars.

Now there is a great war is going on between all the races on cosmos and our galaxy is mess now, Avengers were missing, Thanos is dead.

Now its time for the Eros (Thano’s Brother) to assemble the remaining heroes all over the cosmos for a meeting, in this meeting they discuss about the death of thanos.

But Eros revealed that, Thanos is not dead yet.He shows everyone the message left by thanos before his death.


In this message Thanos revealed that he has already transfered his consiousness into someone else, but Thanos didnt reveale who is that new host.

Guardians of the Galaxy 01

Where is Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Guardian of the Galaxy invited for this meeting, but before getting into GOG team, Drax is dead and Gamorra and Rocket Racoon is not in their team. Now GOG is only Starlord and Groot.

starlord and groot

Starlord and Groot were in the middle of Knowhere, but Knowhere is not there now…They both are confused and they were investigated by a Nova Cop for the missing of Knowhere.

Now the meeting of Eros was interrupted by an Attack, this was done by crashing Knowhere straight into their Ship.

This attack was done by Black Order, Wait, Blackorder still Alive?….We will continue the story now.

They are here to steel Thanos Corpse (only the body), Thanos head was kept by Death.

Now Blackorder attacked remaining heroes.

In this fight Blackorder completely destroys all the heroes and steals Thanos Corpse, and they done something to the space, they called it like “ripped the space time”.

When this happen Everything was sucked into the Void, all the superheros also, they cant able to resist its force.

But suddenly a hammer came out of that void and landed on Starlord’s ship, Yeah finally Starlord and Groot arives to the meeting.

Its Beta Ray Bill, Groot and Starlord Saved him, Beta Ray Bill grabbed some heroes with him on this process. Nova Corpse investigating what the hell is happening and Starlord is ready to find out whats happened with his new cre.

Guardians of the Galaxy 01

While this happening Blackorder Hand over Thanos corpse to Hella, Wait you may ask, What the hell Hella is going to do with Thano’s Corpse?…

Iam also waiting for that. Its going to be Goddess of Deathe VS Death.


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