RIP Arena Of Valor Tournament – November 2019


Rip Arena of valor Tournament, Aov tournament November 2019, Mobile Game Tournament.

Aov Tournament


Hi, we are glad to announce that we’re up there with an exciting AOV tournament from KaAttuPooChi with an amazing cash award of 5k. The following rules will be strictly followed during the tournament

  1. The matches up to Semi – finals are “Knock – out matches”.
  2. In knock – out matches there will be no permanent ban, all heroes are open.
  3. Each team can pause the game only 3 times. Spectators will pause the match only for 3 times. No pauses will be allowed thereafter.
    Rules regarding semi-finals and finals:
  4. Semi-finals and Finals will be BO3.
  5. Florentino & ignis are permanent banned.
  6. A hero can be picked only once and also a hero can be banned only once.
    Note (For semi-finals and finals): PICK AND BAN EXPLAINED:
    In your first match you can ban 3 heroes from a side. And pick 5 heroes from a side. In second match banned hero’s (6 hero’s) in 1st match cannot be banned again. And picked hero’s (10 hero’s) in 1st match will also be banned. (so 10+ 2 heroes permanently banned). You have to play with remaining heroes.
    During 3rd round same rule is applied in addition to which 2-match banned heroes cannot be banned, and picked heroes are auto banned. So, it’s like 20+2 hero’s permanently banned in 3rd match. Players should play with remaining heroes.
Aov Tournament

Team Members

Aov Tournament


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