GTA San Andreas -Best Graphics Mods of 2019


What if you play your old GTA SA like GTA 4…GTA V – San Andreas Mod

There are lots and lots of mods available, but this is the Bet Graphics Mods of 2019. GTA San Andreas Mod

Warning “This may affect your game performance”

Today we’re taking a look back at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and giving it a modern visual overhaul with the help of mods. Will this classic still be playable on some of the low-end graphics cards that can easily run the vanilla game, or will it be nothing but a straight busta?

Here are the mods used in this game.

This mod was done so that you could enjoy some graphics very similar to GTA V.

GTA San Andreas Mod

If you want to increase the particle effects in your SA, this is the best mod.

GTA San Andreas Mod

Project Overhaul is a complete set of replacements for GTA SA, giving the game a fresh and better look.

Plugins include:
Re-created vehicles.txd
GTA V Turbocharger lag (backfire)
Custom skid textures
Two different raindrop variants with ImVehFt support (NFS & Default)
GTA IV vehicle fire
Custom ImVehFt textures
New HD Grass
Flying Butterflies
3D sound effects (Fog, Sandstrom, Storm, Snow, Rain)


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