Fortnite Total Earning is $3 billion This Year


Fortnite Total Earning is $3 billion This Year – September 2018 (Updating)

Fortnite Players Go On a Massive Spending Spree


It’s free, but that hasn’t stopped its developer, Epic Games, from earning big. In May, it coined an estimated $318 million. It’s pulling in a million a day on the mobile version alone, and this is before the Android version is launched later this year. Total earnings for the year are expected to top $3 billion.

This cascade of cash comes from in-game purchases: the Battle Pass, which unlocks rewards; and cosmetic frippery, such as skins and emotes. Research by LendEDU reveals that 68.85 percent of players have parted with cash, at an average of $84.67 each. For 36.78 percent of those, this is the first time they’ve made in-game purchases.

What do players get for this cash? Not much really; the “enhancements” don’t offer any advantage to gameplay.

This may sound like a bad deal, but it’s a smart move.

If the in-game purchases gave an advantage, it’s no longer a “free” game, it’s pay-to-win,

which is never that popular.

This marketing model isn’t new, but nobody has seen it on this scale before. It doesn’t hurt that the game is awesome, but Epic Games has made a superb job of turning success into dollars.

Fortnite entertains its players to the point where they’ll happily pay for a new suit that does nothing but look flash. Effectively, the more dedicated—and richer—players subsidize the average Joe, without unbalancing the game.





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