Fortnite VS Minecraft – Creative Modes Compared


Everyone knows fortnite and they must have tried this game once in their life time, its became a must play battle royal game of this decade. But Fortnite is stealing ideas from Minecraft creative maps, so here is a article about Fortnite VS Minecraft. This is creative modes compared.

The Map

Starting off with maps, we just compare creative mode maps on both the games.

Lets go with Minecraft, Minecraft maps are infinite and they have lots and lots of possibility and many things to explore. Minecraft’s worlds are vast and cant be bored of Minecraft’s Creative maps.

Now its Fortnite time, Fortnites maps are not that much big when compared to Minecrafts map, These maps are plane and small islands with empty spaces to build our building, This is not creative, its just like a building placing and editing game.

When it comes to map, we all know that no game can defeat minecrafts Creative maps, cuz we have lots of things to do and many places to explore and create whatever we want to build. so minecraft won this.


Minecraft is like the god mode in creating buildings, but at the same time Fortnite let you play with the limited amount of given building props.

cmon man we can make what the hell we want in minecraft with different blocks. In fortnite you place walls, floors, ceilings and buildings on the plane map, as a Minecraft players “we can build fortnites buildings on Minecraft”. Can fortnite players do that?.


When it comes to gameplay, i think fortnite have some good gameplay rules.

While we play minecrafts creative mode, we dont die and we can create whatever we want, at the same time when we play survive mode, we have some limitations on creativity.

But fortnite creative mode is different, you can create a racing game on this map and deathmatch or a obstacle cource and many more. its like Gtav Custom map. We can do that in Minecraft but its not like Fortnite.


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