Everything You Missed in Casting Detective Pikachu Trailer, Mewtwo With Arceus!


Here are the details you missed from the new trailer, Which was released by Ryan Reynold’s Youtube Channel. Everything You Missed in Casting Detective Pikachu Trailer. And Mewtwo is Here, with some Legendary Pokemons like Arceus.

What are the Pokemons ?

From this trailer we got a information that every generation Pokemons are going to be in this movie.

So there are going to be pokemon from First gen like Bulbasaur to the Seventh gen pokemon like Pancham.

And there are lots and lots of Pokemon Casting have been done on this trailer, All of the Pokemon Look adorable and Cute as well.

These are the pokemons shown in this trailer, and there are lots of other will be available on the movie, What about Legendary pokemons?

Legendary Pokemon

Casting Detective Pikachu

Pokemon movie without a Legendary Pokemon?, we can able to clearly see the Mewtwo at the end of this trailer and its really looking cool.

We are going to get a Origin Story for Mewtwo in this movie, look at this image, it looks like the experiment which was made to create Mewtow by Team Rocket.

There are some other legendary pokemons referance in this trailer, They are Dialga, Palkia,and Arceus.

Dialga, Palkia,an Arceus

We can clearly see those statues in this image, which was happening inside some labaratory and at the same time when Eevee is evolving into Flareon.

So this Pokemon Universe is going to be expand in future with lots and lots of movies with the legendary Pokemons and a good story, Anyway every Pokemon trainers in the real world are looking forward for this movie, who dont want to see Pikachu as Ryan?

Evolution? – Casting Detective Pikachu

And this is the most important thing we can see on this trailer, Evolution of Eevee into Flareon.

I really like this evolution, they made is 100-percent accurate for this evoliution, Flareon looks great and accurate.

We all know that, Eevee needs stones toe evolve into other pokemon, but far we cant able to see any Fire stone in this trailer.


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