DC – Heroes In Crisis 01- Review


Dc Heroes In Crisis 01 Review, What’s Happening in this Issue? Flash is Dead!, Harley is trying to kill Booster Gold.

This comic starts as Booster Gold enjoying his Coffe in a Cafe, suddenly Harley enters that cafe and start a Conversation with Booster Gold.

While this conversation is ongoing. Superman, Wonderwomen, and Batman Travelling to Sanctuary. Superman arrives there, he saw a whole bunch of Dead Heroes.

What is Sanctuary?

This is a place where Superheroes goes and Hangout with their Superhero friends. This was also a place for therapy “traumatized superheroes receive counseling also”. In this comics This place core concept is “Puddlers in the sanctuary, they make weapons for superheroes“.

Why these Puddlers are Dead?

We just need to wait for the next issue. But at the end of this Issue, Harley said to Booster gold that “I didn’t do that, you did ” kind of talk.

This clearly mentioned that Booster gold had something to do with this Shootout.

Who are Dead?

  • Flash
  • Arsenal
  • Hot Spot
  • Blue Jay
  • Lagoon Boy
  • Roy Harper

I just like the way Dc explains their characters to the audience, it feels like they are interacting with the audience while they tell about themselves in this comics.

Harley vs Booster Gold

Why Harley is trying to kill Booster Gold? one of the serious questions that need to be answered. Harley Stabbed booster Gold several times and Harley’s intention is to kill him.

Heroes In Crisis
Heroes In Crisis

The other important thing I noticed is, “The Puddlers Are All Dead” Which was written in the walls of Sanctuary.

Maybe this could be done by joker or Harley, cuz it’s like a crazy writing like Joker’s way of informing something, “Write something near Dead People”.

Heroes In Crisis
Heroes In Crisis

We need to wait for the next issue, Flash is Dead. The third flash is Dead! I Don’t really like this, how many times they are going to kill Flash.



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