Crypt of Shadows (2019) #1-Review


A new horror story from Marvel, I really like this story. A perfect psychological Horror Story is Crypt of Shadows (2019) #1. by Marvel Comics Review.

Crypt of Shadows

Crypt of Shadows, Whats the plot?

Story starts with the guy on his therapy session, he is depressed AF. In this therapy session he revelas that he has Cynophobia.

Marvel Comics

And that therapy session goes on deeper and deeper, this time he begin to tell a story about John Somebody, “I dont have any idea why he is telling a story about John Somebody.” But this is like Vivid Dream for him, it feels like real for him and it disturbs him a lot.

Who Is This John Somebody?

Crypt of Shadows

Its the story of John Somebody, who just lost everything in his life and trying to do something on a Graveyard. He thinks that these days corpse were burried with their valubles, like the medival Egypt.

So, He killed the Graveyard guard and trying to open a door with his Crowbar, he has a major injury on his other hand, so he is operating Crowbar with single hand.(i like this kind of details given on the story, its really make us think, Why he is injured, afteall its a dream of our protagonist).

Crypt of Shadows

After he opened the door he found the coffin which he wants to open and find the valubles inside that coffin.

Suddenly a dog just came out of that coffin and attacked John Somebody, (Wait what, a dog inside a coffin, how the hell it survived 2 days inside a coffin).

After this incident, our protagonist Psychiatrist got bored of this story and she is asking for some real-life incident which happened in his life.

And finally our Protagonist reveals his story. His name is Mr Radley. He is a small Business man with a good lovable wife called Vanessa.

When they found out that, they can’t have baby Vanessa was depressed and decided to adopt a dog. (Again, why u need to adopt a dog if you can adopt a baby).


Vanessa was happy about this but Radley was not so happy, he have Cynophobia. He accepted this dog for Vanessa, Because he loves Vanessa.

What this Radley is Doing For Living?

Here comes the Confusing part of the story, He is a Small Businessman who is working on some Research for the kids medicine.


In his Research he found out that his Experiments are not working out, and he is out of money now. His Experiments were turned out to be a Deadly Experiment.

The Supplement his team found could make a Rat into a Blood Thirsty Monster and kills other Rats and Dies in that Process.(yeah, Marvel comics without some medical mistakes and Experiment went wrong Scenario are rare ).

Marvel Series

So he needs some money to buy new products for his experiment, he asks money to give him some money for the Business, Vanessa game him a Small amount of money, which he can’t do more on his business, But Vanessa is Spending a way more for that little dog she brought.

Marvel Series

So this triggered Radley and he decides to kill that dog, (wait, a guy trying to kill a dog is all in this story?). What happened after this is really interesting to read by yourself.

You will find the story really intresting and who the hell is John Unknown and whats his story, and everything is really intresting to read.

Finally my thoughts are “this is really a great Psychological Thriller, if this could made into a movie, that will blow our mind and confuses us a lot”. While reading this comics, the mysteries and the suspense parts of the stories are kept secret and make us feel what?, Why? and Wow…..


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