What If The X-Men – 01 (2018) – Review – Cyber Punk Era

Cyberspace Xmen

What if the X-men were in Cyber Punk era, That would be the perfect title For this Series.

Look at that cover, it looks similar to Ghost in the shell. it feels that way, Cuz the series is also focused on cyberpunk, hacking, digital world Kind of stuff.

That’s Cable and Domino in that cover.

How they are going to fit mutants into the Digital world. marvel have done really a good job in this series.

What is the Plot?

This was an early 21st century, in the Cyberpunk era Digital world was there as the movie “Ready Player One”.

Cyberspace Xmen

Same as the movie ready player one, everyone can access Digital world. they can live there, can do anything there.

There is also mutants and normal people in this world, they both communicate through Interconnected Neutral Network called CyberSpace.

This is a digital world designed by a guy called Nimrod.

In this series, Prof Xavier is asking help to Dom and Cable. To save Nimrod from a virus, Which is going to attack Nimrod and Change his mind (so the attackers can collapse Cyberspace).

Cable and Dom with Xavier – What If The X-Men

So Dom and Cable are helping Xavier in this process. So they capture IRL Nimrod and Hacking his Cyberspace to find that virus.

At this time cable was attacked by the Security Protocols. Finally, Dom accessed Nimrod’s brain and Found that virus.

Dom fought with that virus and got access to the Nimrod’s brain, where she found the real Virus.

Dom Interacting with Nimrod’s Digital Avatar – What If The X-Men

That virus was created by Nimrod to make Xavier believe him, so Nimrod can kill Xavier. Nimrod Tortures Dom and cable can’t do anything, so cable asks Prof Xavier’s help.

prof Xavier is ready to use his power one last time(Xavier is dying due to his power).

Xavier’s Death

Xavier uses his power to access Nimrod’s brain and Save dom by killing Nimrod’s Digital Avatar.

He also takes over Nimrod’s Body, yeah, now Xavier can walk and Run. but he still has his powers?, We need to wait till the next issue for the Answer.

This is really Awesome

Cyberspace Xmen

I just love this new series, ” What if “. Marvel is making really a good storyline. Xmen in the Digital world, that’s really a fantastic Idea.

I don’t know how they are going to compromise Xmen fans to accept this. Xmen is completely Mutation based concept and this series is completely Cyberpunk Concept, it’s interesting to see next issue, How they are going to make their Power System mechanism in Digital World.

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