Marvel SHATTERSTAR 01 (2018) – Review – Grandmasters Show


Marvel did a good job by giving separate series for Shatterstar, Its been more than 10 years, Last separate series was on 2005. This is grandmaster’s plan!

Before this, we need to know  “is this a continuity?”. I don’t think so, cuz these series focus on Shatterstar’s past life as a warrior on Gladiatorial Arena. But his costume is similar to XForce uniform, we need to wait and see if there is any Xmen or XForce characters Appearance in this series.

What’s the plot?

Shatterstar living his life as a Private Investigator and a Bounty hunter, and he owns a House. This house is special, cuz people who are Tenants here (yeah, Shatterstar is a Landlord now) are from other Dimension and Different Timelines.


Who are the Tenants?

  • Pug-Smasher
  • Dwayne Taylor
  • The End Woman
  • Tina Cooke
  • Goldon
  • Crimzor

Grandmaster’s Show

Things are getting more interesting when Shatterstar’s house was attacked by “THE DEATH SPONSORS”. Who are these Death Sponsors? These are a group of supervillains working for Grandmaster (cuz its grandmaster’s plan).

The Death Sponsors

The Death Sponsors attacked when he is out for a Stage play. They kidnaped PugSmasher, Goldon, Crimzor, End Woman, Tina Cooke and killed Dwayne Taylor.

When he arrives home, he found that his Tenants are missing and he gets some information from dying Dwayne Taylor. He don’t know who are those guys? why they attacked his house and Kidnaped his Tenants?

Shatterstar checks his security camera and finds out that, one of the members from The Death Sponsors is Gringrave. Gringrave was a warrior like Shatterstar, they had a Fight in  Arena. But Gringrave won.


After Shatterstar left Gladiatorial Arena, he is living peace life. But Grandmaster didn’t like it, so he just started a new show with Him in the main role. He doesn’t know that he was filmed, or it was Grandmaster’s plan.

Now Shatterstar needs to find why they kidnaped his Tenants and why they need him.

This is going to be one of the most interesting Series, cuz this is linked with Multiverse and Future Mutants.

We will see lots and lots of superheroes and multiverse heroes, villains and Xforce (maybe).

Thor vs Kratos


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