Blockchain Gaming – Generate CryptoCurrency By Playing Games


Revolution in the gaming industry is here!… It’s been online since 2014. Blockchain Gaming – Generate CryptoCurrency By Playing Games

I just read an article about this XAYA, its really interesting and Awesome Innovation for gamers.

Everyone likes to make money, What if you make money from Gaming?…” not like Youtube, Twitch kind of money”, Real-time money generating while you play games……That’s really Awesome right!

Here is XAYA “revolution in the gaming industry ” They developed Something called “Blockchain gaming”.

Everyone has an idea about Blockchain “After inflated Bitcoin market, everyone learns about Blockchain and Bitcoins”, I am not going to give an explanation about Blockchain and How it works, Instead I am going to tell “how can u make money using Blockchain tech while playing games”.

They are not going to offer you Bitcoins They have their own CryptoCoin named CHI Coins, You are going to rewarded as CHI coins as your prize, If you want to know the value of Chi coins Visit their Website –

how did this work?

It’s really interesting to know how this Blockchain gaming works, Everyone playing online games, Every game need Server to make a connection between players, Players input transform through that server.

But in this Blockchain gaming, ‘there is no use of servers’ everyone connected through Blockchain.

There are lots and lots of advantages in this process for example: ” Cheating will be completely avoided in this process” and “end to end Encryption will be available”.

So, there will be no third party Server, And price points will be delivered to your linked wallet.

(Xaya is also providing a wallet app). And the important point is there will be no “Server maintenance or Server Down issue” Generate CryptoCurrency.

Games Available

Now there are only two games available, They are Treat Fighter and Soccer manager…..For the moment the Soccer manager is available to play, but Treat fighter is still in Dev mode.

How can i download and play?

you can Visit For the wallet app download and List of games available, Now they are running an offer “so register now to claim 600 free CHI coins into your xaya wallet”.

My Experience

I have registered on Xaya and Downloaded their wallet, it takes about 30 minutes to complete all the process, after its over I’ve got my 600 CHI coins as a reward in my wallet.

I have downloaded and played soccer manager in android, which was really a good game.

But soccer manager crypto is a game which you can make money ” its also at Dev stage”, it will be launched ASAP. Generate CryptoCurrency

Why this will be Revolution?

This is going to be changed in a gaming industry, no Server issue’s, Real-time Money, No cheaters, No Esports Formalities and many more to say….

“your account, your achievements, and your credits for the game you have been played, nothing more “.


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