Black Panther Nominated for Academy Awards 2019 – Wtf is this? Memes


Before getting into racism in the movie industry, I want to ask a simple question to you. Is Black Panther was the best Marvel Movie released in 2018?..

Black Panther Nominated for 6 Category, Look at this.Black Panther Nominated for Academy Awards 2019 – Wtf is this? Where is Avengers?

Everyone on the internet be like, “This Movie Deserves award”….No way, if a marvel movie getting award this year, it should be Avengers Infinity Wars. As a Marvel Fanboy, i am not Racist.

Black panther is one of the best movie, with great Music and good story, but its not as good as Infinity wars. Academy awards is being like “give awards to them cuz they have Black People and Gay Relationship”..

We want a trye recogonaization for art, dont bring this kind of Things into the Movie Industry..

Sorry for the long post, Here are the memes..

If you still think that BP is better than Avengers IW, you dont have to support Racism on the movie to prove that you are not Racist.

We know that racism played an important role on promoting this movie, ive enjoyed this movie, but when it comes to Avengers, Avengers deserves Oscar, if its a marvel movie.

We need to think about this, how this is going to affect movie industry, in future all movie is going to be promoted by the things that we dont link, where is our own opinion gone?… Stop promoting movies using racism content and support movies for the actors performances, story and the entertainment values.

If you still think iam a racist, iam not..if some marvel movie is nominating this year, it should be Avengers.


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