Best Indian Dating App – Tinder Vs Happn Vs Woo


This post is about app review, “This is india” so what’s the easy way to make money?… The answer is simple “Spam, Cheat and false Hope”…. Which is the Best Indian Dating App – Tinder Vs Happn Vs Woo. – dating apps.

As I mentioned cheating and spamming is not new to India, most people got cheated and spammed, but what if someone makes a fake app and grabs all the money in the name of “you can get this if you pay us…”

That’s what happening with Indian dating apps. I am not saying that every app is a fake app, there is some good app with great user support and friendly.

I am going to review 3 best and most downloaded DATING apps on the play store.

  • Happn
  • woo
  • Tinder

Why these apps?

These were the best apps available on the play store, more than Millions of downloads.

Woo is the new app in the Indian market, it is said to be more secure for women, WTF this is not even secure for anyone, cuz it’s one of the worst dating apps I’ve ever seen.



This is the new idea when it comes to dating, it’s a local dating app. you can find your date in local. That’s great right, but there is some problem with this app.

You can find people who you’ve crossed path with, This is what we do before smartphones were there. its called Eve-teasing, I am not supporting eve-teasing, digital apps were more secure when compared to real-life. You both need to like each other to start a conversation.

In this app, you can make others your Crush by pressing the RED HEART and you can msg them by tapping “SAY HI”

You can get more crush, but you both need to say hi and crush for a conversation.

There are lots of other features in this app, which was called Local Hosting or something, I don’t get the name. You can call people to your location by marking your location as a host for others.

If you are going to a movie, you can host that information in your location for some time, so people will get notification about this and contact you through the app.

What does it cost?

  • This app have some unwanted features for just 149/month.
  • you can but “SAY HI”, you’ll get 5, “SAY HI” every day.
  • You can get some decent matches with this app, and it’s local.

Premium features lack a lot. I really impressed with this app, this app really works “if you paid for premium subscription”.


Woo dating apps

Before I start to review this app, this app doesn’t have enough downloads to compare with another app, but the marketing level of this app made it on this list.

This is said to be one of the secure apps for women, cuz they won’t revel women’s name and they only revel the first name for men.

This app really have a good way of customizing your profile.

dating apps

You can like someone and ask them some random and you own questions and like them as well.

If you both like each other you can start a conversation and make phone calls without revealing your number.

That’s a great feature but there are lots of disadvantages in this app.

What does it cost?

  • Nothing much, just 450/mont, you can get a discount if you pay for a 3month or annual subscription.
  • You need to buy hearts to send a message, which cost you around 100 per heart, and you also get a discount if you pay for 10 or 20 hearts.
  • And you need to buy literally everything to use this app.
  • If you want to chat with someone who likes you, YOU NEED TO PAY.
  • Without buying anything, your chance of getting a match is really less when compared to other apps like Tinder and Happn.

Don’t FKing uses this app unless you want to spend money on some unwanted bullshit…

This is not the Best Indian Dating App.


Indian Dating App

There is nothing more to review about Tinder, this is one of the best Indian Dating App when compared to all other apps in this list.

people will get match even they are a free member, this app don’t need any subscription to make you a match…


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