Aurora – Infections Of A Different Kind – Ranked


This is a Ranking of songs from the New Album ‘Aurora – Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1″.

There are 8 songs available in this Album

  1. Queendom
  2. Forgotten Love
  3. Gentle Earthquakes
  4. All Is Soft Inside
  5. It Happened Quiet
  6. Churchyard
  7. Soft Universe
  8. Infections Of A Different Kind

How am going to do this, cuz every song are Beautiful and brilliantly written. Ranking this song is the really tough process, but I will do it.

If your fav song is not placed top list, sorry for that. Its Aurora’s fault  “she made every song so Beautiful, so people will be confused to choose the best song from this Album.”

Top 3 spots are my fav songs and they are the best (it’s my opinion). I don’t want to waste your time.


Why churchyard placed the last position? Cuz every song feels really good when compared to this one. it gives us “hey wait, I’ve already heared this song” kind of feeling.

Lyrics are nothing special when compared to other song and it’s really a short song with a repeating lyrics and chorus.

7.Forgotten Love

Oh, it’s really a good song. kind of Feel Good song, it feels like “fast DJ music on the background and a girl is singing”, but nothing feels special about this song.

It feels a bit like same as Churchyard.

6. All is Soft Inside

This song deserves this place, but its one of my fav song. I Love those Lyrics “they are more philosophical and intuition”.

The best part of this song is when Aurora starts to say “all that I know, lies within emotion”. it feels really good.

5. Queendom

It’s really a great song when you listen to this, you feels really positive and more motivated. listen to those lyrics

“The sea waves are my evening gown, and the sun on my head is my crown, i made this queendom on my own, and all the mountains are my throne”

4. Gentle Earthquake

Finally this song, I placed this 4th cuz top 3 spots are my fav songs.

This song is kind of – wanna dance song, you begin to shake your head to the rhythm and started to enjoy this song.

3. It Happened Quiet

Kind of old Aurora song, but really good to listen and lyrics are so quiet (just kidding). its the song to repair your soul, and makes emotional.

I like the way that music pause for the correct spot and Aurora’s voice begins to take over this song. this song will Fix You.

2. Soft Universe

Really good balanced between slow phase song and a dance kind of music. Lyrics are really good and the Final section of music feels really odd for this kind of Song.

1. Infection Of The Different Kind

This is one of the best songs in this Album. Aurora said its also her fav song. Lyrics are really good, Aurora’s voice is magical. 

I have a separate review for this song.

If you want to read my complete review for “Infections Of A Different Kind” LINK


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