Why Apex Legends Is Better Than Fortnite?


A mature battle royal feel hits you, when you begin to play this game.so this is my thought why Apex Legends is better than fortnite?. Fortnite vs Apex legends.

Everyone likes to play fortnite with friends, its really fun to play and really piss you off when you die. Even ninja fails to win all the games he play.

Why Apex Legends?

You guys still remember call of duty games, before fortnite and PUBG, call of duty rules the online PVP battle games, which was not a battle royal game (random 100 people battle).

Call of Duty games are like the best pvp at that time, everyone like to play COD, but they are not as easy as Fortnite. call of duty games are so simple and complicated at the same time, now Apex legends carry those same core Gameplay like COD.

Legend Class

At the same time while playing PVP with your friends, what if all of your teammates has different ability and powers?.

That will be really cool and makes the game look more like a class specified FPS game. like overwatch, Team Fortress 2.

There are lots and lots of PVP fps games comes with different hero class? but they dont have battle royal, cuz they want people to enjoy their game not to rage for the Victory royal.

If you play Overwatch of TF2, you will simply enjoy those games, even your team fails, you still enjoy the time you spend on that game, cuz you can choose from different hero class and play your role in your team.

Same as the both the games Apex Legends make this Battle royal in to a hero class based games, think like this each team have 3 members, each member needs to carry different role to play the game.

You can be Healer, Tank, and a Carry. What class you like to play, you can. Fortnite is like a weapon based game and some little amount of Skills to win the game.

But in this Apex Legends, you need to cooperate with your team members to win the game, unlike other battle royal. You can revive your team members after they die and play as long as all of your team members die.

Revive Pod helps to Respawn your Dead teammates.

Heroes Ability

This game touches a little bit of RPG core in it, they have different ability and they will be helpful in a different scenario.

Just try for yourself, its completely different from fortnite and PUBG. it bring back our old school pvp call of duty games with the new gameplay that people love.

You wont get tired of playing this game, you can try different class of heroes for yourself and using their ability at the correct time could save your team members from death.



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