2.0 Official Teaser – Things You Missed / Breakdown Review


2.0 Teaser Breakdown

2.0 Official Teaser Released Today…lots of new and interesting stuff to Breakdown in this teaser.

First, it starts with a death scene. “Man hanging from a Radio Tower this could be cellphone tower(There is any difference)”

Why this scene is important – Maybe this could be Akshay Kumar, After his death, he got superpowers (Like Sandman’s power from the movie Spiderman). Or else this could be one of Akshay Kumar’s Villan. 2.0 Teaser Breakdown

Second, Akshay Kumar Threatening or trying to kill a guy…Wait a sec, Why he is using his powers to kill a single guy…

Maybe he could be his enemy, or he is one of the guys, who killed Akshay Kumar.

Third.Akshay Kumar’s Powers.

His main powers are “Controlling Mobiles and projecting him through mobiles”

Fourth, His interaction with Dr Vasi(Human Rajinikanth).

Why this is importat..cuz Dr vasi only knows who is this guy..no one knows anything about him.

Fifth, Chitti is back…..

That’s the plot of the story, yeah The robot is back…..2.0 Teaser Breakdown

Sixth, How is this possible.

Could cell phones make this kind of realistic looking bird?

Seventh, Chiti with New Look.

Cmon, this is a really awesome look. With new armor to defeat Akshay Kumar.

Eighth, Who she is?

It could be the Second robot…Look at that suite..similar to robot maybe, Who knows.Need to wait till the movie….

This is my 2.0 Teaser Breakdown.Thank you


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