10 Amazing Minecraft Maps


Here is a countdown of top 10 Amazing Minecraft maps, lots of adventures waiting on these maps.

10 Pirate Battle Map

This is a PVP map for multiplayer, this is like PVP battle royal with small team fights. This is like a battle between two ships. You need to use Arrow or Throw weapons to kill other team members from your boat.


9 Skywars Map

This is a lava filled underworld with pvp match, searching for loot and make yourself pretty fat for the fights, its really intresting and awesome to play.


8 Elements Runner map

This map is based on Avatar: the last airbender, If you love avatar, this will be your next fav map.Filled with all the elements on Avatar series and a big statue of Avatar, what else you need..



7.Overgrown Kitpup Map

Lots and lots of secrets to be explore in this map, try for yourself and it also has pvp mode.


6. A Map For Assassins

Do you like quest? then this is the best map for you, story in short “you need to save a village from a plague”. with lots of story quest.


5. A call for help

One of my fav map in this list, you are a normal guy going for work, but suddenly something strange happens and your normal life swift into a superhero kind of life, you can do parkour, and fighting boss. what else you need check out this map.


4 Portal Map

Everyone likes portal, this is on minecraft, with lots of portal based puzzle. this map is worth a try.


3.Beach Spawn Map

Hello minecrafters, this is my map i have been working on for my server i was creating. The server never came out so here is a beach spawn that you can use on your server. If you do use it let me know so i can visit your server to see what cool things you did with my creation. I hope you enjoy and can use this map to your advantage. -JdBlue


2.Desert Map

One of the brilliant looking map, try to explore this endless desert, try building items on this desert.have fun exploring desert.


1.Ice Cream Map

We Scream for IceCream!!!This map is made for a skywars game. 
But you can use it for something else if you want.Good Luck and Have fun with the map.This map is made within a week.Ye… I know. I’m just lazy ( Normally ).




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