About us


ChennaiGeekz… Ok, so Finally you are here Checking about us.

No one cares About us, Not IRL About us, About “Websites (ChennaiGeekz) About us Page”…So, We are a Team of Nerd’s and Geek’s Working together to make This Website an Awesome Place For Every Geek and Nerds. So they Entertained and Find Awesome Tech News With Some POP Culture, Gaming, Science News and More Stuffs.

“Chennai Geekz” Anything Special About this name. Yeah, We are from Chennai And we are Geeks. So this is our Story. (It’s not interesting, But we like Chennai so, We like to keep Chennai as a Primary Name).

Our Goal

To make this Website as a half-blood camp For Geeks and Nerds to Escape From their Reality. Unite Gerds (That’s Geeks+Nerds).

Enter through Narnia’s Wardrobe, Travel on Nimbus 2000 And Fight Hydra With A Light Saber.

Once again Thanks for Checking About Us. Keep Supporting, “Gerds”.

Our Services 

We are Offering Services Like web development, Game Designing And Videography kind of works…Don’t worry trust us (Even We don’t trust ourselves )Just kidding, Our works displayed on our website…..

Our Logo 

Whats Special About This Logo?

So, We made this logo with a “Mashup of our Fav characters” Like Box Face from Minecraft, That Hair Belong To Goku, and Glasses and Mark on Forehead Belong to Harry Potter….This was Made by Our Illustrators…